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Who is M3?

Miyabara written in Kanji The Family Crest of Clan McCaskey

M3 (pronounced as it sounds "M" "3") also known as MMM or officially as Michael Miyabara-McCaskey, entered the world on the 30th anniversary of Pearl Harbor (United States - Day of Infamy - Part I) the day the Japanese bombed the United States - causing the United States to enter World War 2. Why is this day interesting to me? Because I was born to a Caucasian father and a Japanese mother, irony is alive and well.

My two lastnames names are those of my two parents Miyabara is my Japanese mothers maiden name; whereas McCaskey is my fathers surname, which is Celtic (from modern day Ireland or Scotland) - and was part of Clan MacLeod (Yes, there can be only one!). Typical jokes then follow as, do I drink guinness and carry a Samurai sword... Well they are partially right, I am Samurai by blood and I do enjoy a good black and tan.

I find my view of the world gets larger and larger, by knowing the rich history that brought me here, and I've learned that small seemingly insignifigant events typically play out in a much larger theater than any of us can imagine.

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - paraphrase - The Life of Reason by Santayana

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