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My Photo Album

Photo albums have always been fun for me to look through.
You can see the changes, and remember the good times and the bad. If you are looking for pictures of me, then enjoy.

2006 By popular demand, how I get work done at home.
Fun time! Took the kids on an open air train ride in the mountains.
2005 My Design Center - 1 computer, with a BIG desktop!
My new Sub-Compact w/travel Trailer.
My daughter playing on the Trailer.
1999 New Years Eve, the Millennium
Praha (Czech Republic) w/Sis.
1998 My timeshare in Kauai
My family's farms in the Hanalei Valley, Kauai.
1997 My first training ride on a motorcycle
A good party, includes friends and drinks.
1996 My sister and I at a big work party.
Showing mom where I work.
Halloween, pretty tame this time!
1995 Niagra falls, it does look good up close.
1993 One of favorite pictures of my grandfather and I.
1992 A day in life at Frankfurt, Germany.
1992 The top of a rather high fort in Lezvos, Greece.
Out on the Mediterranean sea near Turkey.
Enjoying the Acropolis in Athens!
1991 Halloween, my quest to be a white guy!
1989 Standard pose for High School Graduation.
1979 My sister and I, and the only word possible is cute.
1976 Was I really that small? Or was the tree REALLY large?

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